Panther Soccer

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Frequently ASked questions

  1. **Why should my child join Panther Soccer?**

– Panther Soccer offers a more enjoyable and efficient soccer experience compared to traditional programs. Our indoor facility and curriculum enhance efficiency, allowing players to engage in more soccer activities. We prioritize letting players play as much as possible and focus on developing a love for the game.


  1. **What sets Panther Soccer apart from traditional soccer training programs?**

– Panther Soccer is designed as a soccer incubator, providing an environment that fosters rapid skill development. Our facility features smaller fields to maximize skill development, and our curriculum focuses on letting players play as much as possible, fostering a love for the game.


  1. **Is Panther Soccer suitable for players of all skill levels?**

– Absolutely. Whether your child is new to soccer, currently playing in a recreational league, or enrolled in a traditional academy, Panther Soccer caters to all skill levels. Our training is designed to replicate environments that produce elite players, providing a safe space for players to enjoy street-style soccer in intense, small-sided games where the ball never goes out of play.


  1. **Why are the fields at Panther Soccer designed to be smaller than traditional soccer fields?**

– Our indoor soccer facility features smaller fields designed to maximize skill development for players up to 14 years of age. The compact size prevents players from simply kicking the ball past their opponents and chasing after it. Instead, they must rely on skill and creativity to outmaneuver their opponents and take quality shots.


  1. **Why is it important for players to have more touches on the ball?**

– At Panther Soccer, we believe that more touches on the ball lead to greater development. By providing players with ample opportunities to engage with the ball in controlled environments, we accelerate skill development. The increased number of touches not only improves technical abilities but also builds confidence and decision-making skills on the field.


  1. **How fast can my child expect to develop at Panther Soccer?**

– Our players develop at an astounding rate, estimated to be 3 times faster than traditional programs. We focus on celebrating creativity and skill development as much as scoring goals, fostering an environment where players are motivated to improve continuously.


  1. **How does Panther Soccer replicate environments that produce elite players?**

– Our facility and training methodology draw inspiration from environments around the world that have produced top-tier soccer talent. By providing a space where players can engage in intense, small-sided games with constant ball involvement, we create an environment conducive to rapid skill development.


  1. **What are the core moves that Panther Soccer focuses on?**

– Panther Soccer emphasizes 7 core moves to beat players and get out of tricky situations. These moves, including L-turns, Scissors, Half Matthews, Cruyffs, and Maradona turns, provide players with a platform to practice outside of training sessions, contributing to their overall skill development.


  1. **How do the box soccer courts at Panther Soccer improve shooting skills?**

– Our 6 box soccer courts are specifically designed to enhance shooting abilities. During practice sessions, players spend time engaging in a shooting game created by Panther Soccer, which involves 1v1 scenarios. This focused activity allows players to receive numerous quality first-time shots, leading to dramatic improvements in shooting abilities within a short period.