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Welcome to our brand of soccer!

Panther Soccer is designed to help players develop skills at an astronomical rate. We think of it as a soccer incubator, an environment designed to increase development at a rate that cannot be matched by traditional soccer training methods. Our environment provides 10X more quality touches and 10X more situational learning opportunities. No rain outs, no standing in lines and tons of fun working on skills and playing soccer.

We designed and constructed our facility to provide maximum development for young players. Our fields are designed to replicate the do or die areas of every soccer game – The penalty boxes. The lengths and widths of our fields are the same as if you took away the middle and wide areas of an outdoor soccer field and pushed the 2 goal boxes together. In a game, these areas are the most highly congested and highly contested areas. On offense the players must develop fantastic skill and creativity to find a bit of space and get away a shot or pass. On defense the players must stay touch-tight and defend with great intensity and composure.

WHy join?

We all want our child to find a sporting activity that they fall in love with and can work on and develop and enjoy for a long time. Initially children stick with activities because they are fun. Playing soccer in our environment is more fun than playing in a traditional environment. Our indoor facility is extremely efficient, and our curriculum complements and enhances that efficiency. Consequently, our players just play more soccer than in other programs. Soccer is fun in and of itself, but it is the stoppages, the over-coaching, the cones and lines that reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the fun. Our approach is different than most. We focus on letting the players play as much as possible and develop a love for the game.

Our coaches are trained to help players improve at our 7 core moves to beat players and get out of sticky situations. We celebrate a great move or bit of creativity as much as any goal.

Our players develop at an astounding rate. We estimate that we develop players 3X faster than traditional programs. As one parent put it, “At your facility, development is not measured in months, it is measured in hours.” What we have noticed is that when players can sense they are getting better, they want to play more and more. We find that our players play more on their own as well. We work extensively on our 7 core moves in practice. These moves give our players a platform to practice outside of our training session. If you look around the Heights, you may see players in parks and in driveways doing L-turns, Scissors, Half Matthews, Cruyffs and Maradona turns. 

Whether your child is new to soccer, currently playing in a recreational soccer league, or at a traditional academy, Panther Soccer is the best option for their fun and development. There is no longer any need to drive 45 minutes to Spring Branch and sit in your car as your player trains for 90 minutes. Panther Soccer is in your community and can meet all of your soccer needs.

Contact us at info@panther.soccer and ask to drop into a session a see the difference for yourself.

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Sanket V.

“Both of our children love coming there - one is experienced, and one isn't and they both get tailor-made instructions specific for them.”

Spencer S.

“He had a great time learning soccer skills and making new friends at the camp."

Melvi O.

“The coaches did a great job with the kids. It was my daughter's first camp and she loved it! She has already grown more of an interest in practicing what she was learning at camp.”

Joe G.

"2 kids attended for 6 months. Unbelievable development of technical skills. Great supportive coaching and kids have fun."

Eric A.

"I’m looking forward to summer indoor soccer camps! Highly skilled coaches, fun & rigorous sessions with focus on individual development. Kids love it!"

Travis H.

"My son loves going to practice! I have seen massive improvements in his skills. The coaches are fantastic! I highly recommend it!"

Roni K.

"The owner/coach is amazing with kids. When he speaks about coaching, you see a real spark in his eyes. He really cares for the kids' positive experience which is a very refreshing approach."