Panther Soccer

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Club principles


We strive to build an environment that allows players to build a love of the game that motivates them to play.


A successful team is made up of brilliant individual players who can read the game, make quick decisions, and execute technically while under pressure.

Total Footballer

The successful player is intelligent and has diverse technical abilities so that he/she can play all the field positions at any time.

Audacious and Tenacious

Panther players are encouraged to take risks on the field and are willing to try and fail over and over to overcome adversity and achieve lasting success.

Attacking Style of Play

We encourage players to “go for it!” We continuously and relentlessly drive forward with the ball, thus creating superior dribblers, passers, and finishers. We beat players on the dribble to create numbers up scenarios, creating great goal scoring opportunities.

Economical Training

Training time is designed to inspire creative dribbling skills and goal scoring.

Character building

We believe the challenges and pressures found on the soccer field create the optimal environment for teaching life lessons.


Our approach is unscripted freedom of thought and action. We allow our players to dictate what they do next and learn from each decision.

Player First Club

Every player is taught individual tactics and trained to be successful with the ball at his/her feet.


Players should have fun at practices and games. Even in tough moments and through hard times, players should enjoy the process of improving and overcoming adversity.