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Skills Training Sessions

We offer 2 levels of skills training, recreational and advanced. Our seasons are approximately 12 weeks in length. At the end of the season, every player will be significantly better and more confident with the ball.

Recreation skills training classes are appropriate for most children. Since we are primarily working on skills, the relative skill level of each player is not super important. The focus is on learning the moves and trying to use them in the scrimmages. The sessions are designed to develop each player’s skill to the maximum while still being fun and engaging. The players play scrimmages at the beginning and end of the session, work on skills and play a soccer activity during the middle portion of the session. Skills training classes are also great for players concentrating on other sports. A baseball player, for example, can still get plenty of soccer development and general fitness work during baseball season.

Advanced training classes are for players currently playing in the middle to top tiers of competitive leagues. Advanced training has a similar format to recreational training. The difference is the standard being upheld. Players must know the moves and execute them well and with pace. The scrimmages and activities are competitive, and we typically work on more advanced concepts. We are not offering advanced training fall 2023 but will be offering it in the winter 2023/24.

4v4 Leagues

Our 4v4 leagues are for players that want to get better at soccer and prefer games on Saturdays. Our league is internal with all games played at The Box. When possible, the players are split into recreational and competitive divisions by the coaches. Our philosophy is competitiveness and team identity (the desire to win) increases as players age. For this reason, the K-1st league does assign players to teams and does not have uniforms. It is a “pool” environment. Players are assigned a game time and new teams are assigned each game. The 2-3 grade league will have teams and uniforms, but the games will still be very casual with an emphasis on keeping the ball and executing moves. Winning and losing is not emphasized. The coach/referee is encouraged to stop the game occasionally if a coachable moment presents itself. The 4-5th league has a greater emphasis on teamwork and winning, but not at the cost of development. We will not stop games at this level but may give coaching points between goals.

Panther Academy

The Academy is the top tier at Panther Soccer. The academy is designed as a multi-year development program using our methodology to move players through the skill acquisition phase of development (improving ball control, learning moves and later the when and why) into the skill implementation phase (beating players to create tactical advantages). The goal of the academy is to develop players of amazing ability who can play any position on the soccer field. We work diligently to “groove moves” so our players can keep the ball, beat players and either execute a fantastic pass or bury the ball in the back of the net. We spend a great deal of time working 1v1 and later 2v2 to develop players quick of thought and action both on offense and defense. As we say, we want our players to be audacious and tenacious.

Players must try out and be accepted into the program. If you are interested in joining the academy and your player is under 10 years of age, we recommend placing him in another program as the first step to joining. We ask this for 2 reasons, Firstly, we do not want a young player to feel he is not good enough to play on a team, any team. Secondly, we prefer to work with a player and find out more about them as people and players. We develop players very fast and thus we are looking at other attributes such as coachability, competitiveness, good spirit, kindness, etc. The 4v4 league is the best place to start, but skills training and camps are also good ways for us to get to know him/her.